Green Beauty in 2019 and Beyond..

2019 promises to be a year of changes and challenges.

We all go down the road of making New Year’s resolutions most of which don’t see the light of day beyond the first month. The challenge is to map out feasible solutions that are manageable and offer real benefits while being fun and attainable.

As we hurtle down the ever changing digital road bringing with it electric cars, Google dominance, robots, genetically modified food and even engineered babies, Green Beauty is gaining traction. We all need skin care right? More and more people are saying NO to chemically laden personal care, NO to animal experimentation and NO to plastic packaging and environmental pollutants.

JINJA also says NO NO NO to the above and more. So here’s the thing…..2019 is going to be both exciting and challenging as we look at moving towards greener and more Eco-friendly packaging, more water less products which use less preservatives, have concentrated nutrients and less waste. Even though attaining zero waste seems like a pie in the sky, it is in line with our ethical stance and something that JINJA aspires to and will work towards.

Changes in our packaging could mean phasing out lotion pumps and replacing them with flip lid tops which are easy to sterilize and reuse whereas a lotion pump is just one more thing that will end up in a landfill. However, no need to worry about compromising quality in favour of sustainability, JINJA is committed to fresh, quality products, awesome service and a personal interest in our clientele, after all it is you that makes us tick and we love you for it.

Less is more. Using fewer products that have dual duties using Layering Technology can and does  achieve as good as or better results than using a myriad of products.

Green Beauty Solutions is like an unstoppable juggernaut and so it has to be in this time of extreme change.

We are going to continue to need skin care and we are going to continue wanting to feel beautiful, keeping our bodies healthy and our skin glowing.

If you are not on the Green Beauty Wagon, it is time to jump aboard.