Velvet Touch Day Cream



Protect delicate facial skin from harmful pollutants and UV rays with specially selected oils and botanicals for their natural SPF and moisturizing properties. Help to prevent the formation of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

*not suitable if pregnant or lactating

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Plant oils chosen for their natural SPF and zinc oxide moisturize and protect your skin from the damaging effects of everyday pollutants and harmful UV exposure. Rich in vitamins, minerals, squalene and lipids, Velvet Touch deeply penetrates the skin accelerating new cell growth, encouraging collagen and elastin production. It also helps to prevent photo ageing, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle formation and dry skin. Natural retinoic acid in organic Rosehip oil is an excellent tissue regenerator, repairing photo damaged skin and reducing wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. Clary Sage and Rose Geranium balances and regulates the production sebum making your skin look young and beautiful. Rosewood maintains a healthy epidermis by stimulating tissue regeneration and is excellent for dry, mature and wrinkled skin. Myrrh improves skin tone, firmness and elasticity, giving the complexion a fresh new glow.

*Not suitable if pregnant or lactating