Green Clay Mask



Legendary therapeutic properties of African Green clay which is rich in calcium and minerals, draws impurities out of the skin leaving it soft and silky. Particularly good for oily and acne skin conditions.

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This African Green Clay has been extracted from one of the richest known deposits in the world and is known for its legendary therapeutic properties. When wet, the clay develops a strong negative charge which attracts positively charged toxins, heavy metals and most bacteria and viruses. It is rich in calcium and other minerals which are a result of volcanic sedimentation. Some of these minerals are released by the clay in return for the impurities which are drawn out, leaving the skin soft and silky. Colloidal Silver acts as a preservative and imparts beneficial qualities to the skin. Olive oil facilitates the coverage of the clay, providing extra nourishment and moisture while rose oil gives the earthy smell of the clay a floral touch.