About us

Jinja---For-Web-6A stressful 27 years as a successful designer in the kitchen industry culminated in a serious illness in 2007. It was time to re-evaluate my life and career options.

I have always been interested in all things natural and my eczema and sun damaged skin led me down the path of making my own body products.

With nine years of intensive research and development and two certificates in Natural and Organic Cosmetic Formulation, I now manufacture my own range of 100% natural and organic age defying skin care products.

These products are simply structured to effectively treat most skin types that are young or mature, dry or oily. They are earth and animal friendly products made with love and passion from the finest, high end, natural, organic and Fair Trade ingredients.

Both my daughters have admired and encouraged me in my endeavors, happy to be guinea pigs and try out my new creations. It was such a joy when Candi was inspired to become part of the JINJA team as our business manager. She has brought a young, fresh outlook and new ideas to JINJA and her business skills and IT knowledge are a great asset. We share the same ideals and integrity in the running of the business.

Why JINJA you ask? It was a name that popped into my head in that early morning dream state, a name, which for some reason, seemed to be significant. It is the name of a town near Kampala which is the source of the Nile, one of the mighty, life giving rivers of the world. Jinja, in the Shinto religion, means shrine or holy place located in a place of great natural beauty whose architectural style is simple giving the impression of purity and simplicity. In Korean it means “really” or “real”. For me, JINJA conjures up images of new beginnings and a simple, natural love of your body and how to treat it.