Regenerative Night Cream



Deeply nourish and repair the skin with specially selected ingredients which encourage collagen production, accelerate new cell growth and fight hyperpigmentation, dry skin and wrinkle formation.

*not suitable if pregnant or lactating

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Dream sweetly knowing that this highly nutritive night cream is working hard to repair, restore and deeply nourish the skin. Special ingredients accelerate new cell growth, encouraging collagen and elastin production, fighting photo ageing, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle formation and dry skin. Natural retinoic acid in organic Rosehip oil is an excellent tissue regenerator, repairing photo damaged skin and reducing wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. Pomegranate seed extract and oil delivers powerful anti-oxidants, beneficial phytoestrogens and a rare plant based source of CLA which promotes regeneration of the epidermis and offers protection from skin cancer. Helichrysum , Frankincense and Myrrh are some of the most ancient and valuable healing substances, restoring substance to the skin and improving skin tone, firmness and elasticity. Palmarosa is a natural antiseptic and supports skin health helping with dry, dull skin. Patchouli prevents sagging skin and strengthens muscle tone.

*Not suitable if pregnant or lactating