Olive Oil and Calendula.. soothing and healing for Face and Figure

They say that virgin olive oil is the ‘Holy Grail’ of carrier oils, I agree wholeheartedly. Not only do I endorse that statement but will also say that in times of skin or health troubles, it is my ‘go to’ oil. Bright orange and yellow calendula flowers (not marigolds) have been well researched for their health and medicinal properties and contain a very long list of impressive benefits. What better than to combine the benefits of both these ingredients to create a super oil.

Thick, golden VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, which originated in the Mediterranean region, contains many skin and health benefits and dates back to ancient times. The main fatty acid component of olive oil is healthy, monounsaturated Oleic acid (as much as 73%) which is the most common in human cells. It is incorporated into the cell membrane where it is important for proper membrane fluidity. Studies suggest that olive oil contains large amounts of powerful antioxidants, vitamins E and K, strong anti-inflammatory properties, is protective against heart disease, protects bad cholesterol from oxidation, kills harmful bacteria in the stomach, protects the liver from oxidative stress and aids with a slimming program. It is marvelous not only for the skin but heart, brain and joints as well.

Olive oil also contains a high percentage of Squalene, which is a most amazing emollient and comprises about 13% of skin sebum. It is quickly and efficiently absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, balances oil production, is critical for reducing free radical damage, prevents photo ageing, addresses adverse skin conditions and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth. Research shows it effectively inhibits the formation of tumors in the skin, lungs and colon. The protective effect is seen when administered before or during the different forms of chemo treatment.

The uses of olive oil in cooking and the diet are too numerous to mention here and in any case, most people are familiar with the myriad of ways this precious oil can be used so let’s move on to …….

CALENDULA FLOWERS (Calendula officinalis) These brightly coloured yellow and orange flowers are jam packed with the most amazing medicinal and health benefits. Among their many properties are phytochemicals, phenolic compounds, saponins, flavonoids and carotenoids. They are antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. They have properties that are known to ease menstrual cramps, encourage lymph drainage, reduce scarring, encourage wound healing, are good for duodenal ulcers, treat sore mouths and throats and are even known to help with cancer. However, it is not advisable for pregnant or lactating ladies to use this herb internally or topically as it can cause contractions and induce labour.

Calendula flowers are not widely used in food but make a pretty addition to salads, a cheap alternative to saffron or tossed in rice to add a cheerful colour. Internally, the properties would be available in the form of teas, extracts, tinctures and pharmacological preparations with a wide variety of actions such as vascular regeneration, analgesic properties, anti-inflammatory action, anti HIV and is effective for breast cancer.

Impressive as all these actions are, our focus is what it will do for the skin in the form of balms, salves, soaps, creams, oils and serums. On the skin, it is calming, hydrating and soothing for dry, damaged and sensitive skin. It is excellent to treat acne, eczema, wounds, nappy rash and protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

What better way to address so many skin problems than to infuse the soothing, healing properties of calendula into the squalene rich, anti-oxidant properties of virgin, cold pressed olive oil to form a super oil. This is exactly what JINJA Skin Care has done and this beautiful orange oil features strongly in our AGE DEFYING SERUM. This powerful serum is a unique blend of oils and botanicals rich in vitamins, minerals, retinoic acid and lipids which have been carefully selected to deeply penetrate the skin accelerating new cell growth, encouraging collagen and elastin production to address photo ageing, dry skin, age spots and wrinkles.

The ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs knew more than a thing or two when they made use of virgin olive oil and calendula flowers. Why don’t you make use of them too?