Face and Figure… featuring Aloe a timeless favourite

Face and Figure is a series of discussions about special ingredients that are perfect to use on the face and / or in your diet. Fresh raw ingredients that nourish the body both inside and out. They are minimally processed and retain their original goodness delivering high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients and potent botanicals. One that stands out from the crowd is Aloe Vera ( Aloe barbadensis miller). Often called “The plant of immortality”, this beautiful and hardy succulent, ticks many boxes and delivers impressive results for topical and internal use.

The aloe plant has been revered for centuries in India, Greece, Egypt and Mexico, just to mention a few, and the Greeks regarded the plant as a universal panacea. Who can argue with the beauty of the famous Egyptian queens, Nefertiti and Cleopatra, who used aloe as part of their daily beauty regimes.

Among its other attributes, Aloe Vera has a high concentration of mono and polysaccharides, collectively known as mucopolysaccharides which are extracted from the inner gel and are largely responsible for the healing, moisturizing and anti-aging effects that it has on the skin. The gel has a UV protective factor and is used to soothe and heal sunburnt skin. An iceblock made of the pure gel will cool and soothe sunburn while the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties aid in the healing process.

You can grow your own plant, its easy, and learn to extract the gel which can be used in simple face masks, hair masks and used for minor wounds and burns. Regarded as a superfood, some of the many claimed benefits of internal use include, aiding digestion, relieving the pain from arthritis, strengthening the immune system and lowering cholesterol. As with all natural remedies, err on the side of caution and don’t get carried away with claims that may not suit you as an individual. The following link will give more information and uses for this amazing plant that are too numerous to include in this blog.


Aloe vera gel can be found in several of JINJA Skin Care’s products and in the future, the plan is to use it in more of our new and existing formulations. An exciting new serum, with a high Aloe vera and Hyaluronic acid content, will be launched in the latter part of the year. Watch this space.

The benefits of aloe vera juice can now be found in our Misty Rose Elixir, Happy Hands Eco Sanitizer and Luscious Body Cream . Our new facial serum, Beauty Boost, which will be launched later in the year, will have around 35% Aloe Vera Gel in it acting as a carrier for many other exciting active and highly beneficial anti-aging ingredients.

So let’s join the famous people that benefited internally and externally from this humble plant through the ages and indulge in our daily dose of aloe vera.