With the desire to lead more healthy and active lifestyles, the image of beauty is changing. Our frenetic lifestyles demand simple but effective regimes for cleansing and nourishing our skin which save time and money. Efficacy and ethics also play a big part as people are becoming more and more aware of harmful ingredients in their skincare and food and are saying NO to the false and outrageous promises made to them.

Harness your own beauty. Radiate health, energy and well being. No skin care product, regardless of cost, is a silver bullet to turning back the clock but by embracing your own special beauty and wisely choosing natural and effective skin care, you can slow down that ticking clock.

Celebrate your individuality. Find an effective regime that suits you and your lifestyle whether you are a gym and health fanatic and need ‘beauty on the go’, a busy mom with little time and money for an elaborate skin care regime or an executive navigating the professional world, simplicity is key.

Pampering, pleasure and wellbeing. Just because you are run off your feet, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take time out to spoil yourself with an enriching serum, indulgent mask or invigorating skin polish.

In a future where ethics and efficacy are coming to the fore, JINJA Skin Care can cater for all your skin’s requirements with our Age Defying capsule range using layering technology Visit for more information.

Take back your life, embark on simplicity.