JINJA My true passion

The global trend towards natural, local and green beauty has given me the opportunity to follow my true passion for making face and body products using nature’s bounty of the amazing variety of ingredients available.

Tapping into ancient knowledge and techniques of beauty, healing and spirituality has been the inspiration and driving force to create a capsule range of cosmetics where each product has more than one function. Of course it was more than this and the initial impetus was my own problematic skin that led me down this exciting wormhole of discovery where the more I learn, the more I want to learn.

It has become more than just making a cream or a serum. It is the whole concept from start to finish that has become the object of my passion, the best sustainably sourced ingredients, finding the right branding, ultimately using biodegradable packaging that must be in line with the environmental attitudes of a changing world. There are such exciting and innovative ideas out there that the mind boggles.
People are concerned about the environment, eliminating harmful chemicals and plastic from their daily usage. They are concerned about animal testing and unethical farming practices, about using child labour and over packaged goods. And so they should be, the time is right for change. It is estimated that by 2024 the natural and organic market will have reached 31%.
JINJA is not available in retail outlets but only through personal contact or on line ensuring full control over the manufacturing and distribution process and serving the client in a more personal way. Small batches are made to ensure freshness and some products are even custom made to order.

Consumers are becoming more savvy about reading labels, avoiding bad packaging, opting for locally produced goods produced by small companies not large organizations. JINJA fits the bill.

Being green is trendy.