Love who you are and know that the products you are using on your skin are doing no harm to earth, animal or human and that nature’s goodness is harnessed to manufacture products with love to nurture your skin. Last month we touched on every day pollutants that bombard us from the food we eat, water we drink, the air we breathe and more importantly the products that we put on our skin.

As much as 900 or more of the estimated 70,000 chemicals in common use worldwide, are reported to be toxic. This is a vast and daunting subject to cover in a short blog like this, so I have singled out a couple of the well known harmful chemicals and particularly the effects of Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphates (SLS/SLES) which appear in an alarming number of personal products that are in use each and every day. We can find it in Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Washes, Laundry and Cleaning products, the list goes on, and even your toothpaste. Yes, go and check out the label on your toothpaste. During the course of a day, it is estimated that the average person uses nine personal products potentially containing over 120 different chemicals, many of which are harmful. SLS/SLES is one of these.

Don’t be fooled by the word PARFUM. Nearly 3000 chemicals can be lurking behind that seemingly innocuous little word. It may smell lovely, but the toxic chemicals in it certainly are not. It is the perfect place for unscrupulous manufactures to hide trade secrets as the ingredients that go into parfum or fragrance are not regulated and don’t have to be disclosed.

As opposed to ingesting bad chemicals in our food, which the body is able, to some degree, to flush out, topically applied bad chemicals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream presenting a real hazard to your health. They are not flushed out of the body and have an accumulative effect on the long term user. These chemicals are not only coming into contact with the highly sensitive mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth and intimate parts of our bodies but pose a threat to the main organs of our body and some are potentially a cancer risk as well.

  1. Sprays, powders and perfumes can be inhaled and irritate the lungs and eyes.
  2. Hair products can adversely affect eyes, scalp and skin. Toxic fumes from dyes and styling products affect the lungs and eyes.
  3. Lip stick, gloss and balms are licked off and find their way into the stomach.
  4. Balms and creams that we slather all over ourselves, are absorbed by the skin.
  5. Antiperspirants contain aluminium which accumulates in breast tissue, kills beneficial underarm bacteria and blocks sweat ducts preventing toxins from being eliminated from the body.

Is it any wonder that skin, eye and lung problems are on the rise as well as many forms of cancer? The main nasty chemicals are listed on the JINJA website www.jinjaskincare.co.za.

Animal testing, another aspect of harmful chemicals, is becoming more and more unacceptable and being accountable for ones practices is becoming globally demanded by both manufacturer and public alike. Sustainability and sensitivity to nature are key in the green chemistry industry.

Stop using these chemicals now. Read labels for your health sake.


JINJA Skin Care harnesses nature’s goodness to manufacture products to nurture your skin while being accountable for our practices. Our policy and approach to green chemistry is to be sustainable and sensitive to nature, using locally sourced raw materials where possible that are of the highest quality, are safe and ethically derived.