Slough off the winter blues and step into spring with fresh glowing skin. Exfoliation is the secret to ridding the skin of dry, flaky dead cells and exposing the soft, clear fresh skin below. Exfoliation increases blood circulation, not only encouraging the pores to stay clean and clear which helps to prevent blackheads and acne but also makes large pores appear smaller. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized and hyperpigmentation marks fade. The newly revealed skin is more receptive to the absorption of your precious serums, oils and creams which deeply nourish and feed your skin.
Delicate facial skin should be polished gently and regularly as part of your weekly or bi-weekly routine. Never use a harsh scrub which will damage the skin, leaving you red and sore. There is a vast array of natural and synthetic grains, seeds and even plastic beads which are used in facial exfoliators.
C Duo Polisher Plus from JINJA not only combines powders from ground Amla, Pomegranate and organic rice which effectively and gently exfoliates the skin but includes Vitamin C and Citric acid which chemically exfoliates and delivers much needed vitamins to your skin. This powder is mixed with a hibiscus infused glycerine liquid just before application which not only facilitates the polishing action but delivers moisture and the anti-aging benefits of hibiscus flowers.
2 in 1 ,C Duo Polisher Plus is a unique formula that not only works as an exfoliator but if left on the face for about 15-20 minutes, acts as a mask, allowing the absorption of Vitamin C which is fundamental to the skin’s underlying structure and with advancing age, the skin progressively loses this vital vitamin. More about the advantages of vitamins and minerals for the skin will be discussed next month.