In the world of beauty and skincare, there is a worldwide trend to embrace pure simple and natural ingredients. The power of natural ingredients found in nature is becoming far more desirable than long complicated chemical names which are confusing and carry an impending danger to our health.
There is a big international shift towards natural products free from the harmful effects of artificial ingredients and colours. This applies to the food industry as well as our personal products. The whole attitude towards our environment is changing, has to change for future sustainable living.

Green issues are beginning to affect all of us, from what we eat to what we put on our skin and hair. We are becoming more discerning people, turning to green products that are safe and gentle for us, our fellow creatures and the planet.
JINJA Skin Care can be considered as an  embracing all things natural and, where possible, using local ingredients. We have aligned ourselves with all green issues, strongly supporting pro-environmental matters, reducing, reusing and recycling where possible.
To celebrate Christmas and the holiday season, JINJA Skin Care has brought out a travel kit consisting of five of your essential age defying products to take away on holiday. Conveniently packed in compact containers, the kit is lightweight and easy to take on a long flight or a simple few days away.
1.    50ml Hibiscus & Pomegranate Cleanser
2.    50ml Misty Rose Elixir Spritzer/Toner
3.    10ml Rejuvenating Face Oil with a roller top
4.    30ml Velvet Touch Day Cream
5.    30ml Regenerative Night Cream
Descriptions and pictures for each of the products are on the website
Misty Rose Elixir is the perfect travel companion. Spritz your face when you are hot and bothered, to refresh and moisturize. On a plane or in a congested environment, the colloidal silver in Misty Rose will clear away unwanted germs, keeping the space around you sanitized and fragrant smelling.
If you haven’t already joined the growing trend to GO NATURAL, now is the time to do so.