Used both internally and externally, Clay was part of healing in ancient cultures as well as being part of our modern society. It has powerful absorption and healing properties and contains various minerals that treat a number of skin and other conditions.   
When used on the skin, clay extracts impurities along with dead skin healing blemishes and removing excess oils, secretions and toxins. When wet, the clay develops a strong negative charge which attracts positively charged toxins, heavy metals and most bacteria and viruses. It is rich in calcium and other minerals which are a result of volcanic sedimentation. Some of these minerals are released by the clay in return for the impurities which are drawn out, leaving the skin clean, soft, silky and refreshed.
Humans consume clay for nutritional, dietary and even psychological disorders and they are often part of cultural and religious beliefs. Even animals are instinctively drawn to and have cravings for consuming clay to address mineral deficiencies such as iron and zinc. Ingesting clay is used as a detoxifying agent and as a source of dietary elements or for some gastro-intestinal conditions.
There are many different clays that come from quarries in different parts of the world but the most common attribute of all of them is their physical absorption of water and organic matter as well as their antibacterial properties and high mineral content.
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